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Jul. 02, 2021
Toward the Realization of a Hydrogen Society - Introduction of Hydrogen Gas Turbines -
May 25, 2021
Affiliation with the COGEN World Coalition as a Founding Member
Mar. 23, 2021
Kawasaki Receives First International Order for 30 MW Class L30A Made-in-Japan High-efficiency Gas T...
Mar. 02, 2021
Kawasaki and Others Start Demonstration Operations in Uzbekistan for High-efficiency Cogeneration Sy...
Jun. 07, 2017
Delivery of First Kawasaki Manufactured Combustor for PW1500G Next Generation Regional Aircraft Jet ...
Jan. 30, 2017
Distributed Small to Medium sized Gas Turbine Cogeneration System Demonstration Project in Uzbekista...
Oct. 13, 2016
Kawasaki Delivers Two 1.5 MW Gas-turbine Power Generation Sets for Indonesian Offshore Platform
Dec. 21, 2015
Kawasaki Develops Low-NOx Hydrogen-fueled Gas Turbine Combustion Technology
Dec. 22, 2014
FAA Certifies PW1100G-JM Engine for Airbus A320neo
Oct. 14, 2014
Kawasaki to Participate in Pratt & Whitney PW1500G and PW1900G Engine Programs for New Regional ...
Oct. 01, 2014
Kawasaki Launches an Ultra Efficient Low-NOx Cogeneration System with Emergency Power Capabilities
Feb. 20, 2014
Kawasaki to Launch 30 MW-class High-efficiency Gas Turbine L30A Featuring New Low-NOx Hydrogen Combu...
Oct. 30, 2013
Nihon Techno Orders 70 MW Gas Engine Power Plant
Oct. 24, 2013
Kawasaki to Participate in an International Joint Development Project on a Power Generation System f...
Jul. 11, 2013
Kawasaki to Participate in Rolls-Royce Trent 1000-TEN and Trent XWB-97
Jun. 06, 2013
Agreement to Supply Five 1,700 kW Gas Turbines in Russia Signed High-Capacity Units to be Used at Ga...
Nov. 19, 2012
Railway Battery Power System for Tokyo Monorail Ordered
Jul. 02, 2012
BPS Verification Test Started with East Japan Railway
Jun. 12, 2012
First Offshore Gas Turbine Generator for South America
Apr. 24, 2012
Smart Grid Demonstration Test Using GIGACELL is Launched
Mar. 21, 2012
First 7.4-MW Class Gas Turbine Cogeneration System from Belgium Delivered to Belgium
Dec. 21, 2011
Kawasaki Develops the World's First VAM-fueled Gas Turbine Generator
Dec. 14, 2011
Kawasaki to Build an Overhaul Facility for Gas Turbines in Malaysia
Sep. 28, 2011
Kawasaki Partners in Developing PW1100G-JM Engine for Airbus A320neo
Sep. 27, 2011
New Gas Turbine Combustor for Record Low NOx Emissions Developed
Sep. 12, 2011
Kawasaki Delivers Order from Indonesia for 7200-kW Class Gas Turbine Power Generation System
Aug. 02, 2011
Kawasaki Green Gas Engine Goes to Automotive Manufacturer
Jul. 14, 2011
First Order for GPB17D Gas Turbine Cogeneration System Received from Switzerland.
Jun. 27, 2011
Kawasaki Delivers 6,320 kW Gas Turbine Power Generator to Singapore
Mar. 23, 2011
First IPC Module Shipped for Trent XWB Engines
Mar. 01, 2011
Four Japanese Firms Establish Joint Venture to Manufacture Large Forgings for Aircraft Parts
Jan. 18, 2011
Kawasaki Conducts Successful Verification Test of Its Railway Wayside Energy Storage System Directly...
Nov. 30, 2010
Kawasaki Delivers First Aeronautical Integrated Drive Generator (T-IDG®) for Next Gen...
Nov. 11, 2010
Kawasaki and Sojitz Sign Contracts for Russian Cogeneration Project
Nov. 10, 2010
Additional Gas Turbine Generator Ordered for 2012 APEC Summit Site and Oceanarium
Oct. 26, 2010
Regarding Development of Multi-functional Electric Power Storage Device with Nickel-metal Hydride Ba...
Jul. 27, 2010
First Test of BPS for International Railways a Success
Jun. 07, 2010
Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems Ordered for 2012 APEC Summit Site and Oceanarium
Mar. 10, 2010
Kawasaki Develops the M1A-17 – A High Efficiency/Low NOx 1,700kW Class Gas Turbine Engine
Dec. 22, 2009
Order for 7MW-Class GPB80D Gas Turbine Power Generation System Received from Italy
Dec. 16, 2009
New Gas Turbine Combustion Technology for Record Low NOx Emissions
Nov. 26, 2009
Large-Scale, High Capacity Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery, GIGACELL Awarded
Oct. 20, 2009
Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems Ordered for 2012 APEC Summit Site
Oct. 05, 2009
6,000 kW Cogeneration System Ordered for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Plant in Kejayan, Indonesia
Sep. 03, 2009
Kawasaki M7A-03D Driven Power Generation System Shipped
Aug. 27, 2009
Portuguese Public Power Company Orders Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems Outputting 25 MW
Mar. 26, 2009
First Gas Turbine Generator System for Offshore Platform Ordered
Jan. 27, 2009
Kawasaki First in Japan to Float Charge a Large-capacity NiMH Battery
Jan. 26, 2009
Kawasaki Makes History with 100th M7 Gas Turbine
Jan. 07, 2009
Kawasaki to Participate in Rolls-Royce Trent XWB Program
Dec. 15, 2008
China Orders Standby Gas Turbine Generators
Jul. 16, 2008
Japan’s First Operational Tests for Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 Engines Starts
Jan. 30, 2008
First Kawasaki M7A-03D Driven Power Generation System to Be Shipped to Germany
Dec. 17, 2007
Test Succeeds in Reusing Regenerative Energy of Railway Storage Battery System
Nov. 19, 2007
Low Floor, Battery-Powered Tram SWIMO Completed
Nov. 05, 2007
First Order from Korea for Power Generation Systems Driven by L20A Gas Turbines
Oct. 30, 2007
Largest Standby Gas Turbine Generator Set to Go to Korea
Oct. 10, 2007
First Delivery of 40-foot Liquefied Hydrogen Container to Iwatani
Sep. 20, 2007
First Kawasaki Gas Turbine Power Generation System for Singapore
Jul. 30, 2007
Kawasaki Receives Order for 4,560 kW Cogeneration System from Indonesian Cooking Oil Factory
Jul. 11, 2007
Kawasaki Receives Order for 6,000 kW Cogeneration System from Nippon Shokubai Indonesia
Jun. 18, 2007
Kawasaki Receives Repeat Orders for Gas Turbine Generators from Korean Company.
Apr. 24, 2007
12-MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Delivered to Ajinomoto’s Indonesian Subsidiary
Dec. 25, 2006
Kawasaki Receives Order for 15.9 MW Cogeneration System Equipped with High Efficiency L20A Gas Turbi...
Nov. 16, 2006
Indonesian Paper Company Orders Kawasaki 12,000 kW Cogeneration Systems
Nov. 14, 2006
Kawasaki and Shinko Electric Develop New Aerospace Traction Drive T-IDG®
Nov. 08, 2006
Malaysian Methanol Company Orders Kawasaki’s Gas Turbine Power Generation System
Oct. 18, 2006
Kawasaki Launches GPC80D Co-generation System with Newly Developed M7A-03 Gas Turbine
Oct. 17, 2006
First Kawasaki Cogeneration System to Be Installed in Beijing
Sep. 27, 2006
Pakistan Paper Company Orders Kawasaki Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems
Sep. 20, 2006
Kawasaki Receives Cogeneration System Order from Indonesia
Sep. 12, 2006
Bridgestone Indonesia Orders Kawasaki Cogeneration System
Aug. 30, 2006
Successful Test Runs of Battery-Powered Tram Pave Way to SWIMO LRV Development
Aug. 28, 2006
First IPC Module Shipped for Trent 1000 Engines
Jun. 14, 2006
Test Runs of Battery-Powered Light Rail Vehicle to Begin
Apr. 04, 2006
25 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant with L20A Gas Turbine Delivered
Feb. 09, 2006
Gas Turbine Generators Ordered for New York City
Dec. 21, 2005
First GPC70PLUS Cogeneration System Delivered
Oct. 31, 2005
Kawasaki Ships Main Part of Trent 1000 Engine
Oct. 14, 2005
Milestone RTM322 Engine Goes to Japan Defense Agency
Aug. 10, 2005
Order for Combined Cycle Power Plant with L20A Gas Turbine
Mar. 17, 2005
Order Received for Cogeneration System in Thailand
Mar. 14, 2005
Order Received for Cogeneration Power Plant in Beijing
Oct. 13, 2004
Kawasaki’s Participation in Development and Production of Trent 1000 Engine
Jul. 27, 2004
First Combined Cycle Power Plant with Built-in L20A Delivered
Jul. 05, 2004
Kawasaki Wins Cogeneration System Order for Turkey
Jan. 14, 2004
Order for Offshore Natural Gas Compression Module for India
Dec. 17, 2003
Powerful Standby Gas Turbine Generator Sets Developed
Oct. 16, 2003
First Delivery of Compressor Casing for Engines Powering A380
Aug. 16, 2003
First-Time Delivery of Kawasaki Gas Turbine to Turkey
Mar. 12, 2003
Two Malaysian Packaged Gas Turbines Rolled Out for Gas District Cooling Plant
Dec. 12, 2002
Alliance with Cummins Provides Expanded Presence in North American Power Generation Market
Feb. 26, 2002
Liquid Phase Combustion of Dimethyl Ether a First in Japan
Dec. 25, 2001
Gas Turbine-Driven Compressors for Malaysian Venture
Nov. 12, 2001
High-efficiency 20 MW-class Gas Turbine-Driven Cogeneration Plant Begins Operation
Mar. 06, 2001
Kawasaki Wins First Contract for Non-Polluting Turbine Package
Feb. 13, 2001
First 20 MW Gas Turbine with 35% Efficiency
Jan. 29, 2001
Large Orders Received for Construction of Combined Cycle Power Plants in Mexico and Malaysia