Materials Handling Systems

Why Kawasaki?

Kawasaki provides the optimum conveying facility which can contribute to improving customers' profits by utilizing our system engineering technologies based on abundant operational know-how accumulated through designing and constructing plants.
Our technologies are applied to various industries, i.e.power plants, steel mills, mining, port facilities, cement plants, chemical plants etc.

Kawasaki continues to build an excellent track record in delivering its Materials Handling Systems using our state-of-the-art control technologies. Our systems are designed to handle a series of material handling processes -- excavating coal, iron ore, etc. Kawasaki undertakes all aspects of its Materials Handling Systems from total engineering to design and manufacturing of the primary equipment.

Stacker Reclaimer
Scraper Type Reclaimer
Bucket Wheel Excavator (BWE)
Continuous Ship Unloader


Using Kawasaki’s own developed technologies, we are able to deliver each component of a Materials Handling System ensuring energy-saving and environmentally friendly system. Especially our Flow Dynamics Conveyor (FDC) is a totally enclosed system, featuring an air floating belt which is environmentally friendly, including excellent low noise, low vibration and greatly reduced dust emission comparing with a conventional conveyor.

Flow Dynamics Conveyor (FDC)

Delivery Record

Equipment Delivery Record (unit)
1 Stacker, Reclaimer, Stacker-Reclaimer 127
2 Container Crane, RTG 45
3 Shiploader 31
4 Continuous Ship Unloader 12
5 Bucket Wheel Excavator (BWE) 8
6 Flow Dynamics Conveyor (FDC) 287
7 Vertical Conveyor 30

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