Kawasaki Delivers 6,320 kW Gas Turbine Power Generator to Singapore

Jun. 27, 2011

Tokyo, June 27, 2011—Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia Sdn. Bhd. (KGA), its Kuala Lumpur-based gas turbine sales and service subsidiary for Southeast and Southwest Asia, has delivered a 6,320 kW gas turbine power generator to Euroasiatic Machinery (S) Pte. Ltd., an engineering firm in Singapore.


The gas turbine generator is to be employed in a cogeneration system Euroasiatic Machinery has built at a plant operated by Fuji Oil (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Japan's Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. The cogeneration system, with its GPB80 natural gas-fueled turbine power generation system, employs Kawasaki’s proprietary M7A-03 gas turbine in addition to a waste heat recovery boiler with a capacity of 40 tons. This new system not only generates power but also uses its heat recovery boiler to recover exhaust from the gas turbine power generation system for a superior overall efficiency rate when running at full capacity. The system will provide a steady supply of electricity and steam to run the plant’s production facilities.


KGA delivered the Kawasaki-made GPB80 gas turbine power generation system while Euroasiatic Machinery procured the boiler and auxiliary equipment as well as performed on-site installation work and test runs.


This latest delivery is a testament to the superior environmental performance and lifecycle cost of Kawasaki gas turbine cogeneration systems. These systems, boasting the highest power generation efficiency in the world, have been made possible by Kawasaki’s outstanding technological capabilities. They have established a proven track record everywhere they have been employed, from Singapore to Malaysia and the rest of Southeast and Southwest Asia.


Singapore has been turning to gas-based in-house power plants as a way to secure a stable supply of electricity. Demand for gas turbine cogeneration systems in Singapore is expected to rise in the future.


Kawasaki is working with KGA and Euroasiatic Machinery, a turn-key solution provider, to make further inroads into the cogeneration system market in Singapore and the rest of Southeast and Southwest Asia. Kawasaki is steadily leveraging its global sales network, spanning North America, Europe, Russia, as well as the Middle and Far East, to expand its reach around the world.