Bridgestone Indonesia Orders Kawasaki Cogeneration System

Sep. 12, 2006

 Tokyo, September 12, 2006 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia Sdn Bhd, Kawasaki’s Kuala Lumpur-based gas turbine sales and service base for southeastern/western Asia, and the Indonesian engineering firm, PT Euroasiatic have jointly received an order for a 6,570 kW gas turbine cogeneration system from Bridgestone Corporation’s Indonesian subsidiary, PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia. It will be installed in the company’s Bekasi plant.

 The system is comprised of a natural gas-fueled gas turbine power generation system employing Kawasaki’s proprietary 7,000 kW class M7A-02 gas turbine and a heat recovery steam boiler. The system will generate 6,570 kW of electricity and supply 27.5 tons/hour of steam to the plant, further enhancing its energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 30%.

 The system will start up in May 2007. Kawasaki will deliver the gas turbine generator, while PT Euroasiatic will supply the boiler, auxiliary equipment and installation work.

 Due to global crude oil price pressures and Indonesia’s unstable electricity supplies, gas-based captive power plants are being increasingly introduced, especially in the urban and industrial areas where gas pipelines are developed. Demand for gas turbine cogeneration systems is expected to further increase.