Smart Grid Demonstration Test Using GIGACELL is Launched

Apr. 24, 2012

Tokyo, April 24, 2012—Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has installed and started operation of a demonstration test system equipped with its high-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery GIGACELL* at a test facility of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, which is currently undertaking a demonstration project for smart-grid and smart-community technologies. Kawasaki has joined forces with Mitsubishi Electric to develop the necessary technology to apply the GIGACELL system to the area of system stabilization.


The GIGACELL system comprises 18 GIGACELL modules totaling 38 kWh and a power conditioner. The system is installed at Mitsubishi Electric's Amagasaki test site and linked with a 4,000-kW photovoltaic power generation system and a test facility that simulates thermal power generation, pumped-storage hydroelectric power generation, and grid load. The demonstration test will be conducted with a significant portion of the grid power coming from renewable energy sources, which are highly susceptible to weather conditions, and evaluate the GIGACELL system's ability to maintain power quality such as by suppressing fluctuations in the system frequency.


The demonstration test will cover the following three areas:


Maintenance of power quality

- GIGACELL to suppress fluctuations in photovoltaic power output


Autonomous operation in times of disaster etc.

- Operation using GIGACELL on an off-grid autonomous power system (photovoltaic power generation + variable load)

- Autonomous operation combining GIGACELL and other distributed power sources


System stabilization under large-scale integration of renewable energy

- Efficient utilization of GIGACELL in controlling distribution voltage and frequency


Capable of rapid charging and discharging, GIGACELL effectively responds to sharp fluctuations in renewable energy supplies. GIGACELL has numerous applications in a wide range of fields including output stabilization in renewable power generation, autonomous operation system in times of disaster, electrical storage device for ships, and wayside energy storage system for railways (Battery Power System). Kawasaki will continue to develop new technologies that contribute to effective energy uses.


Specifications of the GIGACELL System


High-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery GIGACELL


Rated module capacity

  12 V/182 Ah/2.18 kWh

Rated capacity of the battery bank

  18 modules in series, 216 V/39.3 kWh


Power conditioner (Developed by Kawasaki)


Rated capacity

  Active power: 200 kVA / Reactive power: 200 kVar

Operation mode

  Local mode (constant-current, constant-power operation), central mode (operation by external command)


Charge/discharge control system (Developed by Kawasaki)


Constantly monitors and calculates the SOC (State of Charge) of the battery


High-voltage transformer


Voltage: 6.6 kV/440 V


The system stored in a 40-ft container



 10-180 type GIGACELL



Inside the container


  *GIGACELL is a registered trademark of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.