SNS Community Guidelines

Thank you for visiting the Kawasaki Heavy Industries (henceforth KHI) Official Social Media Account (henceforth our Social Media). On KHI’s Social Media Accounts, we publish various content regarding our products and services, as well as other information. In order for everyone to enjoy better communication, we have established the following Community Guidelines.
In using our Social Media platforms, you agree to comply with the following Community Guidelines (henceforth this Guideline).
Since there are an unspecified large number of users accessing Social Media, please employ common sense when publishing information so as to not cause trouble for other people.


  1. Operator : Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Corporate Communication Department
  2. Operating hours : As a general rule, the operating hours are as follows.
  3. Japan Standard Time, Weekdays 09:00~17:00
    (Excluding New Year's holidays, weekends, public holidays and other business holidays determined by KHI)
  4. Operating period : KHI's Social Media Account may be subject to unannounced end of operations or deletion.


  1. KHI does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness of information on our Social Media.
  2. KHI's official announcements and opinions are published through our official website and press releases. Information published on our Social Media by KHI or KHI employees does not necessarily represent KHI's official announcements and opinions. Naturally, content published by users on our Social Media does not represent opinions or views of KHI or KHI's employees, or that of KHI's related parties.
  3. KHI does not bear responsibility for any content published by users on our Social Media (comments, videos, photos etc.) (henceforth content).
  4. By publishing content to our Social Media, you represent and warrant to KHI that:
  5. A) You are of at least 18 years of age
    B) Any persons identified in the content published by you has consented in writing to your publishing of such content on our Social Media
  6. The copyright of a content belongs to the user who published it. However, in publishing it, the user grants KHI the fee-free, worldwide, non-exclusive right (with the right to sub-license) to use, modify, edit, extract, copy, reproduce, publish, translate, or otherwise make use of the published content . Moreover, the user agrees not to exercise copyright or author's moral rights on KHI and/or the parties to whom KHI has granted the sub-license thereof.
  7. KHI will not assume any responsibility for damages suffered by users or a third party arising from or in connection with the user's usage of our Social Media, except for cases where the cause was KHI's intentional acts or acts of gross negligence.
  8. The user shall indemnify and hold harmless KHI from and against any and all claims, including but not limited to any liabilities, losses and damages, incurred by other users and/or a third party arising from or in connection with the user's use of our Social Media. The user shall settle such claims with other users and/or a third party at their own expense.
  9. By publishing to our Social Media, liking/sharing page content, or registering as a follower, the user hereby consents to KHI's access, through our Social Media, to the user's published account and profile information such as name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, and friend list etc.
  10. KHI is not obligated to reply to any and all comments on our Social Media.
  11. In event of participating in a campaign, all expenses will be borne by the user.
  12. For matters not specified in this Guideline, please follow KHI's "Site Policy" on the homepage (
  13. Our Social Media is operated on the systems of the respective social media operating companies. KHI cannot answer regarding the situation of the respective social media operating systems. KHI also cannot answer questions about functions, usage or other technical questions regarding the software or applications provided by the respective social media websites, social media operating companies, or any other third parties.
  14. KHI may delete information or content etc. on the site without giving the user prior notice.

Prohibited behavior

The following actions are prohibited when using our Social Media.
  1. Conduct that goes against any law/public order and morals, or conduct determined to encourage such activity
  2. Conduct that infringes any intellectual property right, including but not limited to a copyright, portrait rights or trademark rights, of KHI or a third party
  3. Conduct that violates the privacy of a third party
  4. Acts of identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without the consent of the involved party
  5. Acts of exposing personal communication with KHI or a third party
  6. Slander of any specified individual, business, country/region, religion, etc.
  7. Commercial activity such as introduction and/or advertisement of own goods, shops, companies, etc.
  8. Political activities, election activities, religious activities, or related activities
  9. Acts of posting explicit content including comments, images and videos
  10. Racist conduct, or conduct that is determined to be encouraging racism
  11. Conduct that is problematic from an ethical point of view
  12. Conduct unrelated to the purpose of our Social Media
  13. Opinionated/assertive comments such as "you should not buy this", "you should avoid this", "this is the worst", etc.
  14. Acts of spreading information that clearly misrepresents KHI
  15. Acts of altering information about our Social Media or information provided through our Social Media
  16. Acts of using information gained from our Social Media beyond the scope of private use, including reproduction, sale, publication etc.
  17. Impersonating other users, businesses, or brands etc.
  18. Spam
  19. Vandalism
  20. Fraud
  21. Conduct determined unnecessarily emotional
  22. Conduct that causes discomfort to other users
  23. Acts of attempting unauthorized access with regard to KHI, such as password mining, hacking, etc.
  24. Acts of posting or sending harmful computer programs
  25. Misconduct as determined by the respective social media platforms
  26. Conduct that obstructs operation of our Social Media, or harms/is deemed potentially harmful to a third party, inclusive of KHI
  27. Any other conduct deemed inappropriate by KHI

Measures against prohibited acts

KHI may take any of the following measures or combined measures without prior notice, in event that a user performs a prohibited act, or when we judge that there is a risk of such, regardless of deliberate or negligent on the user's part.
  1. Deletion of content
  2. Restriction of usage of our Social Media (blocking of user)
  3. Caution or warning via our Social Media messaging platform, or private mail
  4. Announcement of taking of the above measures 1~3, via our Social Media messaging platform, or private mail

Claim for Damages

In event that the user violates this Guideline and causes damages to KHI, KHI may file a claim for damages against said user.

Regarding handling of personal information

In event that KHI obtains personal information from a user, that personal information will be handled appropriately according to KHI's Privacy Policy (

Regarding changes to this Guideline

KHI may make changes to this Guideline without prior notice.

Regarding Terms of Use for each Social Media platform

In addition to this Guideline, please refer to the respective Social Media Platform's Terms of Use.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The use of our Social Media, and interpretation and application of this Guideline, shall be governed by Japanese law unless otherwise specified. With regard to any dispute or conflict involving our Social Media, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of competent jurisdiction unless otherwise specified.

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