First Order from Korea for Power Generation Systems Driven by L20A Gas Turbines

Nov. 05, 2007

Tokyo, November 5, 2007 – Kawasaki Machine Systems, Ltd. today announced that it has received an order for two GPB180D (17 MW per unit) gas turbine power generation systems, featuring Kawasaki’s proprietary L20A gas turbines, from Hanwha Engineering & Construction Corp, Korea. This first L20A order from Korea brings Kawasaki’s total number of L20A orders to 14.

The power generation systems, driven by the high-efficiency L20A gas turbines, will be employed as the main component of the GwangMyung Community Energy System (CES) project. Samchully Co., Ltd., one of Korea’s leading gas suppliers, will lead the project and supply electricity and hot water to a planned 2,000,000 m2 multiuse residential/commercial development in GwangMyung City, west of Seoul.

The combined cycle power plant for the project comprises these two GPB180D gas turbine power generation systems, two heat recovery steam generators, and a variable extraction and backpressure steam turbine power generator. Extracted and exhaust steam from the steam turbine is supplied to the heat exchanger to produce hot water. The optimum combination of two GPB180Ds and other equipment allows flexible control of power and hot water generation corresponding to seasonal and hourly demand fluctuations. A maximum 45 MW of power and 95 Gcal/hour hot water heat can be supplied.

Kawasaki will supply the two GPB180Dssystems and Hanwha Engineering will handle the project engineering, procurement of other equipment and construction, to complete the project in 2009.