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Hyogo Works was established as a branch works of Kawasaki Dockyard in 1906. Since then Hyogo Works has consistently used leading-edge technology to contribute to society by developing and modernizing rolling stock . Hyogo Works is currently focusing on manufacturing rolling stock, taking the best advantage of its accumulated technological knowledge and high productivity levels, manufacturing various rolling stocks such as electric trains, coaches, freight cars, electric locomotives, and diesel locomotives, and supplying them all over the world.

Domestic customers for our products include different Japan Railway companies in addition to private and municipal railway companies. We also deliver our products to customers in overseas markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Peoples Republic of China, Southeast Asia, Africa and Central and South America. For example, in the United States, railway cars manufactured at Hyogo Works and at our two manufacturing facilities in the U.S.; KRC in Yonkers, New York; KMM in Lincoln, Nebraska are found in daily use in major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

In the near future, railways will be even faster and more comfortable than they are today, and they play a more important role in total transportation systems. Kawasaki is committed to meeting these needs in the 21st century with innovation in rolling stock technology, using its accumulated technological knowledge and its expertise as a total system engineering company that designs and manufactures a wide variety of transportation products for land, sea and air.

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