Precision Machinery Business Division


At Kawasaki's Precision Machinery Company, we manufacture hydraulic components and hydraulic systems used in mobile(construction, agriculture), industrial and marine machinery.

As a pioneering manufacturer of industrial robots, Kawasaki's Robot Division continues to provide various industries, including the automotive and electronics industries, with many robots for use in welding, assembly, handling, painting, and palletization.

Hydraulic Business

Leading the hydraulics industry in scale and production facilities, we manufacture a wide range of products, from hydraulic pumps, motors, valves various hydraulic components and electric controller, to hydraulic systems for mobile, industrial and marine machinery, and various other applications.

With our superior team of researchers and lab facilities, we are also always engaged in developing new technologies and products, and strive to improve quality and stabilize product supply.
We have manufacturing facilities in Japan, England, China, Korea and India, and sales and services offices in Japan, England, the U.S., China, Korea and India, where we market hydraulic machinery and systems to the world under the Kawasaki brand.

Industrial Robotics Business

In 1969 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. created the first industrial robot in Japan, marking the beginning of the commercial production of industrial robots. Since then, we have stood as the leading robot manufacturer and have worked to develop the industry worldwide. Using state-of-the-art technology and drawing upon over 40 years of experience in robotics, we continue to develop high quality, top-notch industrial robots, and provide engineering and services with added high-value.
We always offer optimum solutions. These solutions are perfectly catered to our customers' needs for automation and labor-saving measures while helping them to improve productivity, quality, and the work environment.
The Robot Division has its headquarters in Akashi, Japan. We also have many offices and service centers throughout Japan ready to support our customers. In markets overseas, Kawasaki's subsidiary companies and able distributors attend to our customers' sales, service, and engineering needs.

Certified to conform to the ISO9001 and ISO14001
Awarded for specializing in distinguished TPM achievement

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