Industrial Equipment

Hydraulic Components & Systems

Kawasaki manufactures important hydraulic components and equipment used in construction & agricultual machinery, industrial machinery and ships. Kawasaki pumps, motors, valves, other hydraulic components and assembled hydraulic systems drive and control a wide range of machinery and equipment.



Kawasaki continues to develop high-quality, first-rate industrial robots, and provide engineering and services with high added value. We always offer optimal solutions. These solutions are perfectly tailored to meet customers' needs, and improve productivity, quality and the work environment.

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Kawasaki offers a broad range of solutions to address the issues faced by various industries. We develop and supply systems such as industrial plants, treatment facilities for the environment & recycling, equipment for infrastructure development, systems for the oil & gas and medical industry, and products for factories.

Industrial Plants

Kawasaki constructs a wide-range of industrial plants including cement plants and fertilizer plants.

Environment & Recycling

Kawasaki offers various facilities for the environment & recycling, such as municipal waste treatment.


Kawasaki provides TBM, slurry shield machines and other types of construction machinery.

Material Handling System

Kawasaki provides the optimum conveying facility which can contribute to improving customers profits.

Defense & Securities

Kawasaki focuses its technical capabilities to develop products for defense & securities.

Factory Solutions

Kawasaki offers diverse products useful for improving efficiency and the work environment at production sites.

Oil & Gas Facilities

Kawasaki helps clients establish high-speed and highly efficient oil/gas supply systems.

Large-size Structures

Kawasaki provides Noise reduction hangars, rocket launch complexes and other large structures.

General Purpose Engine

Kawasaki produces high-end gasoline engines for professional applications such as premium lawn mowers, brush cutters, and more.

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