Portuguese Public Power Company Orders Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems Outputting 25 MW

Aug. 27, 2009

Tokyo, August 27, 2009 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, Kawasaki’s Frankfurt-based gas turbine sales and service subsidiary for Europe, and its Portuguese distributor, ENERGETUS Instalações Industriais SA (Energetus), have jointly received an order for two gas turbine power generation systems. This order for the 18-MW GPB180D and 7-MW GPB80D gas turbine power generation systems comes from Energias de Portugal, Portugal’s state-run power company headquartered in Lisbon. These power generations systems are each run by Kawasaki’s proprietary, high performance L20A and M7A-03D gas turbines. This latest order marks the first purchase of an L20A for the European market.

Energias de Portugal plans to overhaul its Barreiro plant, replacing the current coal-fired boiler-driven power generation facility with a cogeneration system comprised of gas turbine power generation systems and a heat recovery boiler. The cogeneration system will dramatically cut carbon dioxide emissions as a result of the shift from oil to natural gas, making the energy supply system for the power plant environmentally friendly. The systems will generate a combined total output of 25 MW of electricity to be supplied to the power grid while supplying 49 tons/hour of steam to a local plant operated by the acrylic fiber maker, Fisipe. The exhaust from the gas turbine power generation systems to be recovered as steam by a heat recovery boiler will result in an overall efficiency rate of 82%. Kawasaki will supply the gas turbine power generation systems while Energetus will handle procurement of the boiler and electrical systems, onsite construction, and test runs before the cogeneration system is ready to go online in January 2010.

The L20A unit used for the GPB180D power generation system is a state-of-the-art, high performance gas turbine. Kawasaki first began working on the L20A gas turbine in 1998 and successfully leveraged its proprietary technologies to develop it entirely in-house. Development of the GPB80D power generation system driven by Kawasaki’s new M7A-03D gas turbine was based on the GPB60D and GPB70D gas turbines that have both earned outstanding reputations in the market. The GPB80D has outperformed the GPB70D with 10% more output and 2.9 more percentage points of thermal efficiency.