China Orders Standby Gas Turbine Generators

Dec. 15, 2008

Tokyo, December 15, 2008 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has received an order for two GPS4000 standby gas turbine generator sets from Nanjing Hefei High-tech Industrial Co., Ltd. in China. The GPS4000 employs Kawasaki’s M1T-23 gas turbine and has an output of 3,200 kW.

The GPS4000 power generator sets will be installed in Shanghai to supply backup power to the Internet Data Center (IDC) operated by China Mobile, the largest mobile network operator in China. The rising demand for high power standby generators in China has been buoyed by rapidly increasing mobile network data transactions that require much larger servers. China Mobile will implement the GPS4000 generator to boost its standby power generation capacity in the event of a power outage. Kawasaki will supply the gas turbine generating sets and control panels, which are slated for delivery in March 2009.

China Mobile is a state-owned company which was spun off from China Telecom in April 2000. It is China’s largest and the world’s leading mobile network operator with some 400 million out of a total of 620 million mobile phone users in China subscribing to its service.

This latest order demonstrates the superior standby performance of Kawasaki gas turbine systems as well as Kawasaki’s outstanding technological capabilities and proven track record in delivering gas turbine generators for use in state-of-the-art data centers all over the world.