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By combining various types of high-efficiency equipment, Kawasaki offers optimal system solutions to suit the customer's power/heat demand, energy source and location conditions.



The world's energy situation is rapidly changing. Kawasaki proposes a variety of energy solutions, in fields ranging from power generation to energy storage and management. We are also working to use next-generation forms of energy such as renewable energy and hydrogen.

CHP・Cogeneration /
Distributed Power

Due to changes in the world's energy situation, there is a need for distributed power generation in developing and emerging nations and at companies.

Energy Plants

Kawasaki supplies energy plants to meet a variety of client'- needs and situations.

Hydrogen Gas Turbines

Toward the Realization of a Hydrogen Society - Introduction of Hydrogen Gas Turbines -

Renewable Energy

Kawasaki offers technologies in areas such as geothermal and biomass.

Power Management

Kawasaki offers systems for stable and efficient use of electricity energy.

Hydrogen Roadouterlink

Paving the way for a hydrogen-based society: hydrogen the ultimate clean energy

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Virtual Synchronous Generator (iVSG™)

Kawasaki offers technologies for improving grid stability and maximizing the use of renewable energy.


Kawasaki provides technologically advanced products that help customers produce and transport natural resources, and efficiently generate energy such as electricity, heat and steam. We have a broad lineup of gas turbines, gas engines, boilers, steam turbines and various systems for the oil & gas industry.

Gas Turbines

Kawasaki offers a wide range of gas turbines to meet diverse needs of customers from all over the world.

Gas Engines

Kawasaki's Green Gas Engines achieve the world's highest electrical efficiency of 49% and low NOx emissions.


Kawasaki supplies boiler facilities which can fire various fuels such as biomass, asphalt and conventional fuels of coal and oil.

Oil & Gas Facilities

Using various cutting-edge technologies, Kawasaki helps clients to establish high-speed and highly efficient oil/gas supply systems.

Industrial Steam Turbines

Our high-efficiency steam turbines are suitable for various steam conditions.

Top Pressure Recovery Turbines

Kawasaki offers technologies in areas such as geothermal, photovoltaics and biomass.

Package Boilersouterlink

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering offers a wide selection of boiler products.

Absorption Chillersouterlink

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering provides absorption chillers for comfortable living spaces.

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Case Studies

Case Study: CHP System for a Chemical Manufacturer 30MW-class CHP System with Green Gas Turbine for Chemical Manufacturing
- Daicel Corporation -


Case Study: Distributed Power Plant for a PPS 110MW Distributed Power Plant with Green Gas Engines As a Solution for The Electricity Shortage
- Nihon Techno -