Kawasaki Launches GPC80D Co-generation System with Newly Developed M7A-03 Gas Turbine

Oct. 18, 2006


 Tokyo, October 18, 2006 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it will begin selling its GPC80D co-generation system powered by Kawasaki’s recently developed M7A-03, 7,000 kW-class gas turbine.

 The new M7A-03 gas turbine has been developed for co-generation system application based on Kawasaki’s highly efficient and reliable M7A Gas Turbine series combining Kawasaki’s experience and technologies in the field of small and mid-size industrial gas turbines and its bedrock technologies in the field of aircraft jet engines. The M7A-03 gas turbine incorporates the various state-of-the-art technologies demonstrated in the development of the 20 MW-class L20A high-performance gas turbine with the world’s highest level thermal efficiency of 35%. In addition to the high thermal efficiency, some other outstanding features of the M7A-03 include:

DLE (dry low emission) system employing a lean premix combustion method that reduces NOx to meet the strict Japanese regulatory standard of 80 ppm (02 = 0%), without the use of any denitrification equipment.
Improved durability through the use of the latest materials and cooling technology.

 The GPC80D is a co-generation system that harnesses the power of this enhanced M7A-03 gas turbine. It is superior not only for power generation efficiency, but also for total thermal efficiency and contributes to the conservation of the earth’s environment by reducing CO2 emission. The GPC80D has improved availability and cuts costs over its total lifecycle.

  Major Specifications
Output 7,230 kW
Electrical Efficiency
(at Generator End)
32.4 %
Total Thermal Efficiency 81.7 %
Steam Production 15.7 t/h
Steam Pressure 0.83 MPaG
NOx Emission 80 ppm (O2 = 0 %) or less
Fuel Natural Gas
Fuel Consumption 1,977 Nm3/h
(LHV = 40.6 MJ/ m3N)
Operating conditions : Inlet air temperature 15°C
Atmospheric pressure 101.3 kPa (altitude 0 m)
Intake pressure loss = 0.98kPa
Exhaust pressure loss = 2.94kPa