Kawasaki Wins First Contract for Non-Polluting Turbine Package

Mar. 06, 2001

Kawasaki Wins First Contract for Non-Polluting Turbine Package
The basic M1A-13 gas turbine unit

Kawasaki announced in March that it had signed a license agreement with Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc.(CESI) of the U.S. for its XononTM Cool Combustion system, which it is incorporating into its 1,400 kW-class M1A-13X gas turbine, part of the Kawasaki GPB15X generator package.
Kawasaki won a contract for three generator packages from Enron, the world's leading energy company, and will be providing them to U.S. government-affiliated hospitals in the state of Massachusetts.
  CESI's catalytic combustors, which essentially prevent pollution in gas turbine power generation, meet the most stringent NOx emission control requirements prevailing in California (2.5 ppm, O2 =15%). They also reduce plant maintenance and management costs compared with conventional emission gas treatments using ammonia or other substances.
  Anticipating further demand in North America, Kawasaki will manufacture the gas turbines and install the Xonon system at the Akashi Works, while Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A (KMC) will be responsible for the packaging of the GPB15Xs. KMC plans to sell over 40 packages in the first five years, in cooperation with Enron and other partners.
  Since Japan's first gas turbine generator was developed by Kawasaki in 1976, the company has delivered over 5,500 packages to customers both in Japan and overseas. As the pioneer in industrial gas turbines, Kawasaki will continue to maintain its leadership by marketing the ultra-low emissions solution in North America.

* Xonon is a registered trademark of CESI.