Features an innovative boiler structure enabling effective use of fire-retardant petroleum residues.


The U-KACC Boiler effectively uses fire-retardant petroleum residues such as petroleum coke, which used to be difficult to handle. It allows low-NOx, low-dust combustion with low environmental impact our unique combustion technology.


  • Ultra-low NOx, low-dust combustion
    Achieves clean combustion by combination of high-temperature deoxidization combustion and low-temperature oxidization combustion.
  • U-Shaped Flow
    Suppress ash adhesion on heat transfer section in the down stream significantly by removing ash in flue gas at the furnace bottom.
  • High combustion efficiency
    When burning petroleum coke only: 99%
  • Composite tubes
    Reduces the corrosion of water-cooled furnace walls by using composite tubes composed of a high-strength carbon steel inner layer and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel outer layer.
Structure of U-KACC Boiler
Structure of U-KACC Boiler
Structure of U-KACC Boiler


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