Combined Cycle Power Plant

A combined cycle power generation system combines gas turbine and steam turbine to generate the maximum amount of electricity from the high-temperature thermal energy by fuel combustion.
Kawasaki’s Combined Cycle Power Plant is a 10MW-90MW class power generation system equipped with , as its key component, M7A (8MW class), L20A (20MW class), or L30A (30MW class) gas turbines which are all self-developed technologies and realize high thermal efficiency, performance, and reliability. In particular, the L30A has achieved the world's highest level of thermal efficiency in the 30MW class.
In addition, the heat to power ratio can be flexibly adjusted by applying extraction type or back pressure type steam turbine. Kawasaki is capable to offer best mix plant configuration to set the optimum capacity in line with the electricity and steam demand in factories and business facilities of potential clients.

Performance Table

Sample Layout of 90MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

Reference Project

This reference plant is 107MW power generation facility comprising three L30A gas turbines, three heat recovery steam generators, and one steam turbine, all of which are designed and manufactured by Kawasaki. Furthermore, this plant has been designed to have functions of cogeneration facility and to flexibly supply electricity and steam in line with demand from neighboring factories. Kawasaki undertook EPC contract as full turnkey basis for the entire plant design, supply of main equipment, installation, and construction work.

Customer South Kashima Power Plant Inc.
Gas turbine generator 97MW (L30A x 3)
Steam turbine generator 10MW x 1
Steam turbine generator 107M
Total heat recovery steam generator capacity 138t/h
Commercial Operating Year 2020


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