Azimuth Thruster (Rexpeller®)

Azimuth Thruster (RexpellerR)

Rexpeller, the "King of Propellers," is the name of Kawasaki's outstanding line of azimuth thrusters.

A fully azimuth-steerable thruster, the Rexpeller works as a propulsor and a rudder all in one.

Since 1983 Kawasaki has been a leading supplier of azimuth thrusters, providing its Rexpeller for a wide array of vessels, from tugboats to cable layers, and other workboats as well as offshore vessels like drillships, supply boats and more.

Since the propeller rotates 360 degrees around its vertical axis, the thruster can perform double duty, propelling as well as steering a vessel. Able to generate thrust in any direction, the Rexpeller not only delivers excellent maneuverability but maintains superior positional accuracy as well. The crash astern function significantly shortens a vessel's stopping distance.


Extensive product line

  • Wide range of input power to meet virtually any vessel specifications
    Input power: up to 6,500 kW

Powerful thrust

  • High-efficiency duct (kort nozzle), small pod and large-diameter propeller generate stronger bollard thrust

Low vibration and low noise

  • Adaption of the skewed propeller and optimized design stiffness minimize vibration and noise

Easy installation and maintenance

  • Compact design with built-in clutch and hydraulic components

Built lightweight but robust

  • Optimized component design with the latest in finite element method (FEM) analysis

Available with controllable pitch propeller (CPP) or fixed pitch propeller (FPP)

Can be installed with either L or Z drive configuration

with diesel engine
with horizontal motor
with vertical motor
Offset arrangement
with diesel engine

Control unit

  • Easy operation for highly accurate control. Work with navigational devices and positioning system to enable autopilot and dynamic positioning.
    Can be coupled to protective devices such as automatic load control (ALC) and overload protection (OLP) systems (for CPP)

Shockless hydraulic clutch

  • Reduce the shock of on/off type clutch engagement by automatically controlling the hydraulic oil flow rate.
    The slipping clutch allows for more fine-tuned vessel operation.

Product Lineup

We Offer an extensive range of azimuth thrusters for various types of vessels.
Click the link to find out more about each product.


Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS
"Jasmine Knutsen"
147,500DWT Shuttle Tanker
CPP x 1
Retractable type Rexpeller x 2
Side Thruster x 1
Pacific Richfield Marine Pte Ltd.
"Pacific Excellent"
70m Anchor Handling Supply Tug
Rexpeller x 2
Side Thruster x 2


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