Side Thruster

Side Thruster

Since 1965, when Kawasaki started manufacturing side thrusters, they have been adopted as a motive force and well received for use in just about every kind of vessel, from cargo carriers and ferries to offshore ships.

Kawasaki side thrusters, developed by applying extensive world-class performance, contribute to the global shipping and marine industry.

Our side thrusters are designed to achieve smooth, cost-efficient and safe offshore operation when entering and leaving ports or in narrow waterways thanks to safe maneuverability and a dynamic positioning system.


Extensive product line

  • Wide range of input power to meet virtually any vessel specifications
    Input power: up to 4,000 kW

Compact design

  • The side thruster can be installed closer to the vessel’s fore and aft end, increasing the distance between the thruster and the vessel’s center of gravity and thus increasing the vessel’s turning moment.

Low vibration and low noise

  • A skewed propeller design and vortex eliminator minimize vibration and noise.

Easy maintenance

  • Thruster or propeller blades can be removed inside the tunnel for easy inspection and maintenance.

Can be linked to any prime mover

  • Can be used with virtually any type of motor, including a 60Hz or 50Hz electric motor, engine, or hydraulic motor

Can be integrated with a dynamic positioning system (DPS)

  • Built tough enough to withstand long periods of continuous operation in vessels outfitted with a DPS

Low noise double wall tunnel (optional)

  • Double tunnel structure made of special material reduces thruster noise

Remote controller variations

  • Portable controller for Wing
  • Panel for Wing
  • Touch-screen controller (Enables several thrusters to be controlled on one screen)
Remote controller variations
Touch-screen remote controller

Sample Installation

Sample Installation


7800TEU Container Ship
Side Thruster x 1
SK Shipping Co., Ltd.
"SK Supreme"
138000CBM LNG Ship
Side Thruster x 1
Taiheiyo Ferry Co., Ltd.
Passenger Car Ferry
Side Thrusterr x 3
CPP x 2


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Service Station

  • Ravensburg, Germany
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