Two-stroke Marine Diesel Engine

Two-stroke Marine Diesel Engine

Kawasaki Diesel Engines have high quality backed up by ample experience in production over a century as well as high technology established as a manufacturer of various field products. Working against the backdrop of IMO (International Maritime Organization) Tier III NOx regulations gone into effect in 2016, Kawasaki has completed Kawasaki-ECO system “K-ECOS” which is a Eco-friendly system combined with T/C (Turbocharger) cut system, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and/or WEF (Water Emulsified Fuel) for two-stroke diesel engines. Kawasaki continues to build on technological developments related to marine vessels with an eye to saving the environment.


  • The world’s largest two-stroke diesel engine program with layout flexibility to secure the various selection of your propulsion system
  • Low specific fuel oil consumption together with optimum engine speed selection
  • Low specific fuel oil consumption over a wide operating range of part load
  • Complying with IMO NOx emission regulations


Kawasaki-MAN B&W two-stroke diesel engine

ME-C/ME-B Engine In ME-C engines, fuel injection timing, actuation of exhaust valves and starting valves and cylinder lubrication are controlled electronically. In ME-B engines, fuel injection timing is electronically controlled. Exhaust valves are driven by cams and have a variable closing timing function.
GI/LGI Dual Fuel Engine With the designation GI (gas injection), ME-C/ME-B engines are available as duel fuel engines for natural gas operation. With the designation LGI (liquid gas injection), ME-C/ME-B engines are available as dual fuel engines for operation on low flashpoint liquid (LFL) fuels like methanol, ethanol, LPG and DME.

Eco-Friendly Product

Kawasaki-ECO system “K-ECOS” K-ECOS is a Eco-friendly system combined with T/C cut system, EGR and/or WEF for two-stroke diesel engines. K-ECOS is capable to clear IMO NOx TierⅢ regulations with fuel saving and economical running. The two-stroke diesel engine with the new K-ECOS has been installed in the flag ship of KAWASAKI KISEN KAISHA, LTD.’s DRIVE GREEN PROJECT.
Kawasaki-Green Eco Turbine “K-GET” K-GET is a turbo compound system for two-stroke diesel engines. K-GET is capable to achieve lower fuel oil consumption with a high efficiency power turbine developed by Kawasaki.




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