Equipment and Device Oceanic Machines

Equipment and Device Oceanic Machines

Grab dredger dredges the sediment of the seabed and the river by a huge bucket. Our hydraulic system has been used for the control of the bucket and electric cable reel.
In order to realize the high pressure and large flow rate necessary for the control of the bucket, the system is constituted by axial piston pump (L series) and logic valve, which are installed in a closed space in the bucket.
Also depending on the vertical position of the bucket, Eco Servo controls the rotational force of the cable reel, to prevent sagging or disconnection of the electric cable.


K3VL series
Displacement (cm3)
28 - 200
Pressure (MPa)
LX (V) / LZ (V) series
Displacement (cm3)
32.4 - 507
Pressure (MPa)
Screw Pumps
Flow (L/min)
2 - 12000
Pressure (MPa)
1.0 - 24.5


HM(K)B / HM(K)C series
Displacement (cm3)
745 - 6800


Industrial Valves



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