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Power Management and Control

We began to produce hydraulic machinery in 1916. Since then as a business center of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. we have satisfied customers demands for power and control and have successfully extended our product range to include hydraulic components, marine machinery, precision machinery and associated control systems.
Making the most use of our accumulated and advanced technology, we build a competitive advantage in the field of noise and vibration reduction as well as high pressure and efficiencies. We are now recognized as a market leader in the hydraulic industry.
With production sites in Japan, United Kingdom, China, Korea and India and sales and service networks in Japan, United Kingdom, United States, China, Korea and India, Kawasaki hydraulic components are now playing vital roles in the world.

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Kawasaki hydraulic products are used near your life. Find out our products from below.

Our History

Global Network

Factories equipped with latest facilities and incorporating advanced manufacturing systems produce high technology products to all over the world.

Our Support

We provide the complete service solution for hydraulics. Our specialists are ready to respond with the latest and advanced technologies.

Our Achivement

Certified to conform to the ISO9001 and ISO14001


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