Excavator System

Open circuit system grown in the excavator applications

The open circuit system that utilizes the variable displacement pump can be devided into two types of control system; one of which is called negative flow control system (negacon) and the other is called positive flow control system (posicon) depending on the pump flow control characteristic. Utilizing Kawasaki's variable displacement pump and multiple control valve the superior controllability and the fuel saving can be achieved.


Cranes (Crawler / Rough Terrain )

The open circuit system using the variable displacement pump are widely used on the construction machinery such as hydraulic excavators, crawler cranes, and wheel loaders. It is a highly efficient system that can realize the superior controllability under various working conditions such as precise grading operation or powerful digging operations.

Control system that achieves high efficiency and superior control performance


Utilization of high efficiency pump (K5V, K7V series) and the control valve with low pressure loss and superior control characteristic, futhermore utilization of electric proportional control into the system enable the whole control system to be highly efficient and the optimum machine performance.

Products for Excavator System


Model Displacement (cm3) Pressure (MPa) Control Type
K7V series K7V series 60 - 130 35
  • Electric Flow Control
  • Hydraulic Pilot Flow Control
  • Torque Limiting
K3V / K5V series K3V / K5V series 63 - 280


  • Electric Flow Control
  • Hydraulic Pilot Flow Control
  • Torque Limiting
K7SP series K7SP series 36 x 2 30
  • Torque Limiting


Model Displacement (cm3) Output Torque(Nm) Speed(min-1)
M5X series(for Swing) M5X series
(for Swing)
80 - 250 415 - 1310 2200 - 1520
M5X-RG series(for Swing) M5X-RG series
(for Swing)
1520 - 6300 (total displacement) 5420 - 27000 115 - 60


Model Flow (L/min) Pressure (MPa) Actuation Type (Electric / Hydraulic)
KMX series KMX series 180 - 450 34.3
  • Hydraulic
MW series MW series 240 - 350 34.3
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic


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