Logic Systems

Logic Systems

The Logic System is formed by the logic elements on the manifold, which have compound functions according to the hydraulic circuit formations of the host machine.


Press Machines
Tunnel Boring Machines

This logic system has freedom for design and can form various circuits by using each logic element's function and their controlling method. We not only produce, but also design logic systems to meet your requirements.

Various control by combining logic elements and logic valve covers.


  • Shockless switching of the high pressure/large capacity hydraulic circuit.
  • High speed and high frequency switching ability.


  • Simple the hydraulic system and easy maintenance.

Products for Logic Systems


Model Flow (L/min) Pressure (MPa)
Kawasaki Valves Kawasaki Valves 5 - 7000 41.2
SLV series SLV series 2200 - 14000 41.2


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