Load Sensing System

The load sensing system enables the load independent flow control which results in the consistent machine operating speed and superior controllability. Pressure compensator built in the control system can realize flow sharing performance, which allows for excellent controllability at simulutaneous multiple fuction operations.


Wheel Loader

The load sensing system is widely used on the contruction, material handling, and agricultural machinery. The load sensing system provides superior operability regardless of the load to the machine. It also contributes to the energy saving.

The control system that achieves stable control performance and energy saving.


The K3VLS series axial piston pump that provides high efficiency and stable control characteristic and the KLSV series load sensing control valve that has low pressure loss and superior control characteristic contributes to the excellent machine operating performance and the energy saving.

Products for Load Sensing System


Model Displacement (cm3) Pressure (MPa) Control Type
K3VLS series K3VLS series 50 - 150 28
  • Load Sensing
  • Pressure Compensating
  • Electric Flow Control
K3VL series K3VL series 28 - 200 32
  • Load Sensing
  • Pressure Compensating
  • Torque Limiting


Model Pressure (MPa) Flow
Actuation Type (Electric / Hydraulic)
KLSV series KLSV series 40 240-450 Variable pump system / Load sensing
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
KLW series KLW series 35 450 Variable pump system / Load sensing
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
KLR series KLR series 27 200 Variable pump system / Load sensing
  • Hydraulic
KMP series KMP series 30.9 80 Fix pump system / Open center
  • Electric


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