Variable-Speed Control System ECO SERVO

The rotation control of the pumps which are of high pressure and large capacity type based upon our long and ample experience can control flow rate with high accuracy. This will make not only high-accuracy control but also energy-saving control and low noise of actuator possible.


  • ECO SERVO employs the KAWASAKI piston pump K3VL, K7VG series product that boasts good reputation for their high pressure rating, high capacity and high efficiency. Peak pressure: 35 MPa, max. discharge: 600 L/min (pump displacement: 500 cm3)
  • Applicable to both open and closed circuits
    ECO SERVO series products include not only the standard pump intended for open circuits but also special pumps (with suction valve) intended for reversible high-pressure and closed circuits. ECO SERVO can be applied to a diversity of hydraulic circuits.
  • Variable displacement pump is employed.
    Through use of a variable displacement pump that is capable of two displacement settings, the necessary drive torque can be lower and the necessary motor capacity can be smaller.
  • Applicable to both servo drive and inverter drive.
  • Enables high-accuracy control of position, pressure and flow in combination with the controller dedicated for ECO SERVO.


Model / Pump displacement cm3 KESP
Inverter drive Motor capacity*1 kW 22 30 30 37 45 55 75 90 *6
Rated torque*2 N・m 140 191 191 235 286 350 477 572
Max. torque*3 N・m 211 287 287 353 429 525 715 858
Servo drive Motor capacity*1 kW 7 11 11 15 37 45 45 50
Rated torque*2 N・m 33.4 70 70 95.5 236 286 286 350
Max. torque*3 N・m 100 210 210 286 707 859 859 1050
Pump pressure Max. operating MPa 32
Peak MPa 35
Max. speed*4 min-1 2,000 (for Open Circuit)
1,800 (for Closed Circuit)
Hydraulic fluid type Antiwear hydraulic fluid*5
Supply voltage/frequency 200 to 230V, 380 to 480V 50/60Hz

*1 When considering other combination of pump displacement and motor capacity, contact Kawasaki.

*2 Rated speed of the electric motor is 1500 min-1. (2000 min-1 only when the servo drive is rated at 5 kW or 7 kW)

*3 The max. torque values are short-time rating values. Be sure to select the appropriate servo or inverter drive such that the effective torque value for each cycle is below the corresponding rated torque.

*4 The max. speed might be subject to the limit depending on various conditions such as the use conditions and operating cycle.

*5 When wanting to use a hydraulic fluid not specified above, contact Kawasaki for technical assistance.

*6 The pump displacement for 500 cm3 is individually available. When considering this capacity, contact Kawasaki.


ECO SERVO can solve various kinds of issues in industrial machinery system, such as energy-saving measures, improved controllability and simplified maintenance etc.



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