High Efficiency and High Precision,
Kawasaki's Hydraulic Control Systems

The functions and performance that are required for various machines are realized with combination of Kawasaki's hydraulic components that provide high performance and superior controllability.

The required machine operating speed can be provided independent from the machine loading conditions.

Hydrostatic Transmission system provides smooth and efficient power transmission by connecting the hydraulic pump and motor in closed circuit. This system is widely used for travelling function of many construction machinery and agricultural machines.

Most common hydraulic system for the hydraulic excavators is a system with the variable displacement pump in the open center control system. Electronically controlled positive displacement control system, which is one of the excavator system, can optimize each operating function to provide efficient, smooth and precise control performance.

The Logic System is formed by the logic elements on the manifold, which have compound functions according to the hydraulic circuit formations of the host machine.

The high pressure and large capacity pump with ample experience is combined with an electric motor by introducing a unique bellhousing. This development realizes compact pump units. Furthermore the flexible mount of the hydraulic pump alleviates the vibration and system noise.


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