Policy on CSR Activities

The Kawasaki Group recognizes that the realization of our group mission, “Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet (Enriching lifestyles and helping safeguard of environment -- ‘Global Kawasaki’)” is the most important among the social responsibility the Group should assume. We therefore are aiming at solving social issues with our products and services, by positively grasping the global social issues and through the Group’s pursuit of synergy and innovation.
For us to be a corporation in which the society continuously places great confidence, we will promote the constructive dialogs with our stakeholders and, simultaneously, we will further strengthen our efforts in maintaining fair business practice, prevention of corrupting, consideration for environment and human rights. We will, subsequently, set the themes of CSR as well as individual domains based on identifying materiality, so that they can lead to the CSR management of the entire Group. We, we will continue such efforts considering what stakeholders expect form us and what they require, and solidify the foundation for value creation.

※ For the individual key CSR issues, medium-term targets, and performances of CSR activities, please refer to here.

Message from Executive Officer in charge of CSR

Ikuhiro Narimatsu
Managing Executive Officer
in Charge of CSR
Ikuhiro Narimatsu

Our Group is continuously creating new value which is helpful for the society, targeting at the realization of the Group’s mission. While the social environment is changing so drastically that our Group will have to address more and more issues of various kinds and risks, we determine to overcome such difficulties taking into account the dialog with the stakeholders, and to further strengthen our business foundation.


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