Tax Transparency

Policy on Tax Transparency

The Kawasaki Group considers tax payment to be one of the most important social responsibilities for a company to fulfill and thereby complies with the tax-related laws applicable to each country and makes tax payments appropriately.
 Furthermore, the Kawasaki Group has established the Kawasaki Group Policy on Tax Affairs and works to promote awareness of the policy internally as part of efforts to manage tax risk related to business globalization.

Management Structure

The director in charge of accounting and finance is responsible for ensuring appropriate tax payments and proper tax expenses, and tax-related issues will be reported to the Audit & Supervisory Committee and be discussed by the Board of Directors for decision-making depending on their importance. When conducting tax operations, the Head Office Accounting Department conducts Kawasaki Group tax operations in coordination with relevant accounting divisions.

Responsible officer:
Katsuya Yamamoto, Representative Director, Senior Corporate Executive Officer
Responsible department:
Head Office Accounting Department


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