Developing an Automated PCR Viral Testing Robot System

Medicaroid Corporation, a joint venture of Kawasaki and Sysmex Corporation, a major clinical testing equipment and reagent maker, is contributing to society by leveraging its unique strengths—expertise in both robotics and medicine—to develop and test an automated PCR viral testing robot system and other products in preparation for additional waves of COVID-19 infection. This automated PCR viral testing robot system consists of a robotic PCR test sample collection system and an automated PCR sample analysis system. The system helps prevent the secondary infection of doctors by enabling them to collect PCR test samples using a remote-controlled robot. This system leverages the technology of Kawasaki’s Successor remote-operated human-robot collaborative system unveiled in 2017. Furthermore, automating the analysis of PCR test samples will enable the continuous 24-hour operation of testing centers. These systems will thus reduce the infection risk for and burden on medical professionals while preventing human error issues and alleviating medical professional shortages, thus significantly enhancing the PCR testing infrastructure.
The system can be compactly arranged to fit in mobile cargo container, making it easy to install and helping to save space. By enabling rapid testing via PCR test results to confirm that individuals are virusfree before they board airplanes or enter event venues, we aim to help restore the movement of people, greatly contributing to the normal functioning of society.
Furthermore, we are developing support systems using mobile robots for use in coordination with this system. These systems will enable remote preparation for medical examinations, such asking patients basic questions, taking their temperature, and listening to their heartbeat, and share information, such as dietary or drug dosage records, helping alleviate nursing staff shortages.

Remote-controlled automated PCR viral testing robot system
Remote-controlled automated PCR viral testing robot system
Remote-controlled automated PCR viral testing robot system
Automated PCR viral testing robot system


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