Key CSR Issues, Medium-Term Targets and Performances of CSR Activities

In fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, the Kawasaki Group identified material issues or materiality that we should address. In parallel, we reviewed the framework of our CSR activities: We positioned efforts in solving social issues through business as top priorities that the Kawasaki Group should achieve over a long-term, and defined other issues as CSR issues that underpin the management foundation.
The CSR issues that underpin the management foundation are classified into E (environment), S (society) and G (governance).

※ For the process of identifying materiality, please refer to here.

Framework of our CSR activities and materiality

※ Columns underlined represent the materiality items.
Solving social issues through business Generating Clean Energy
Providing Safe and Secure, Clean, Comfortable Movement of People and Transportation of Goods by Land, Sea, and Air
Improving Social Infrastructure, Especially in Emerging Countries
Responding to the Needs of an Aging Society and a Shortage of Labor through Automation
Governance Corporate Governance
Anti-Corruption Measures
Risk Management
Crisis Management
Research and Development
Political Involvement
Export Control
Information Security
Environment Low-Carbon Society (product – based contributions, business activities)
Society Coexisting with Nature
Recycling-Oriented Society
Environmental Management
Heightened Awareness as an Environmentally Friendly Brand
Society Business and Human Rights
Product Liability and Safety
Supply Chain Management
Employee Recruitment and Retention
Stakeholder Engagement
Occupational Health and Safety
Human Resource Development
Customer Relationship Management
Social Contribution Activities

In fiscal year ending March 31, 2019 and after, we try to improve our CSR activities while repeatedly turning the PDCA cycles: Under a new framework, we clearly define the departments and persons in charge, the vision, and KPIs of solving social issues through business and major items among the ESG items, and monitor the achievements every year.


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