Stakeholder Engagement

The Kawasaki Group Stakeholders

To become a company that continues contributing to society, the Kawasaki Group actively strives to understand the expectations and requests of stakeholders and to realize them through our business activities.
While the Group positions customers, shareholders and investors, suppliers, employees, local communities, and government agencies as direct stakeholders, as a company supplying many products and services that are highly public in nature and will be used over a long period of time, we also recognize the global environment, the international community, and the next generation and future society to be stakeholders in the broader sense and conduct our corporate activities in consideration of the wide-ranging impact of our business.
In response to requests from stakeholders, we are working toward proactive information disclosure and striving to improve communication so as to enhance trust in the Kawasaki Group.

Communication with Stakeholders

Through our daily business activities, the Kawasaki Group endeavors to communicate with stakeholders in various ways, grasp issues, and make operational improvements. As a result of dialogue, we refer content that is deemed to be important to committees or other bodies concerned and reflect it in management strategy and business operations.

Results of Communication with Stakeholders

Stakeholders Expectations and Demands for the Kawasaki Group Fiscal 2021 Communication Activities Reference
  • Creation of products and services that meet customer expectations
  • Response to customer complaints and inquiries
  • Appropriate disclosure of product and service information

Customer Relationship Management

  • Timely and appropriate information disclosure
  • Reflection of shareholder and investor perspectives in management
  • IR meetings with institutional investors: 281
  • Participants in Factory Tours for Shareholders: In fiscal 2021, tours were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So that requests received at IR meetings and the General Meeting of Shareholders are reflected in management, we pass them on in the form of feedback to the relevant divisions.
Disclosure Policy

  • Solid partnerships with our suppliers based on relationships of mutual trust
  • Enhancement of supply chain risk management and enterprise value through CSR procurement
  • Conducting training programs, liaison meetings, and other events for suppliers in Japan
  • Implementing CSR procurement questionnaire surveys for domestic and overseas suppliers

Working with Suppliers

  • Employee-friendly workplaces
  • Effective use of human resources
  • Appropriate treatment of human resources
  • Promotion of occupational safety and health
  • The “K-Portal” intranet
  • Publishing the monthly Group newsletter Kawasaki in Japanese
  • The English and Chinese language Group newsletter Kawasaki On The Move!
  • Implementing the employee engagement survey

Occupational Safety and Health

Local Communities
  • Fulfillment of our responsibilities as a corporate citizen
  • Participation in communities

Social Contribution Activities

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Policy proposals
  • Participation in industry/government/academia projects

Open Innovation

Communication with Customers

We attend to our customers’ demands and desires through communication, among other things, in our day-to-day sales activities. We have also set up customer inquiry contact points for each product according to different product types and sales formats, and conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

The Kawasaki Group works to ensure fair, timely and appropriate information disclosure based on its Disclosure Policy and actively communicates with all shareholders and investors through a broad range of IR activities in Japan and overseas.
Furthermore, through proactive communication with all shareholders and investors, we aim to foster understanding of the Group’s management principles, corporate policy, business strategy, and ESG initiatives to secure greater trust.

Communication with Suppliers

Kawasaki’s purchasing departments communicate with suppliers in the course of day-to-day procurement.
In addition, to ensure adequate communications outside of procurement activities, we organize training programs, liaison meetings, and other events with suppliers in Japan. Since fiscal 2016 we have been implementing CSR procurement questionnaire survey of our suppliers in and outside Japan as part of CSR procurement efforts implemented together with our suppliers.

Communication with Employees

The Kawasaki Group provides information on corporate activities and performance in an easy-to-understand format through the monthly Group newsletter Kawasaki in Japanese and the English and Chinese language Group newsletter Kawasaki on the Move! as well as via “K-Portal,” our Company intranet. Furthermore, we hold grade-specific training programs where participants have opportunities to learn about our corporate systems and setup, management policy and business strategy, and other knowledge necessary to complete their duties. Apart from this, we help employees create future career roadmaps through dialogue with their supervisors that are held every quarter to provide feedback regarding their performance.
To ensure that employee input is appropriately reflected in how the Company functions, we hold regular talks with the labor union, which represents employees and with which we have signed a labor agreement.
In addition, we have established an in-house SNS “SKIP” to promote free communication among employees, and have set up a suggestion box on the Company intranet through which employees can directly request improvements to operations. Examples of improvements based on these requests are regularly posted on the Company intranet for employees to review.
We also conduct periodic employee satisfaction surveys to gauge employee satisfaction and better understand and respond to their needs. In fiscal 2014 and 2018, we conducted employee satisfaction surveys of all employees and temporary staff of the domestic Group. From fiscal 2020, we have revised the methodology of our survey and have been conducting the employee engagement survey. In fiscal 2021, we expanded the scope of our survey to include domestic Group companies. We plan to expand the scope of our research and conduct surveys on an ongoing basis in the future as well.

Communication with Local Communities

Personnel at our business sites communicate with local communities in the course of business operations. In addition to pursuing thorough noise and waste management, we strive to raise awareness among employees to prevent rude or inappropriate behavior and quickly respond to any complaints received from residents.
We also organize events and activities that help maintain and develop local communities, seeking to ensure harmonious coexistence with them.

Communication with the Government

The Kawasaki Group makes policy proposals to the government through its participation in business and industry organizations.
In addition, we communicate with the government through active participation in industry/government/academia projects via open innovation efforts, such as joint research.


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