Axial Piston Motors (Swash Plate)M3X / M3B series

The M3X series are fixed displacement axial piston motors of swash plate design for mobile applications.
The M3B series are variable displacement axial piston motors of swash plate design for winch application.
These motors have a good self-priming capability and high starting efficiency, developed based on our many years of experience and technology obtained in swash plate type pumps and motors.
By combining the reduction gear RG series and M3X / M3B series, they provide to cover up large capacity.


  • Superior performance in low speed operation
  • Smooth starting characteristic
  • Various diaplacement control options
  • Larger capacity is possible with reduction gears RG series.


Model M3X200 M3X280 M3X530 M3X800
Displacement (cm3) 195 280 533 800
Pressure (MPa) Rated 29.4
Max 34.3
Max. speed (min-1) 1,900 1,700 1,400 1,200
Model M3B200 M3B280 M3B530 M3B800
Displacement (cm3) q max 195 280 533 800
q min 106 93 178 267
Pressure (MPa) Rated 32 29.4
Max 35 34.3
Max. speed (min-1) at q max 1,900 1,700 1,400 1,200
at q min 2,400 2,200 1,700 1,500
Model M3X200-RG03S6.0 M3X280-M3B280-RG06S6.4 M3X530-M3B530-RG10S6.4 M3X800-M3B800-RG16S6.4
Gear ratio 6.0 6.4 6.4 6.4
Total Displacement (cm3) 894 1,587 3,104 4,717
Pressure (MPa) 20.6
Max. speed (min-1) 270 190 150 130

Control Curve

The above are the example of control curves.



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