Construction Machinery Crawler Drills/ Pile Drivers

Crawler Drills/ Pile Drivers

K3V / K5V and K3VL open circuit piston pumps are typically used in these applications. For the drill motors M7V series and M3X / M3B series motors can be applied. In case of the machine that employs the load sensing control system KLSV control valve can be utilized. Furthermore various kind of valves such as pilot control valve, electric proportional reducing valve, directional valve and combination of the valves as a composite valve block provide the various types of hydraulic system design.


K7V series
Displacement (cm3)
65 - 140
Pressure (MPa)
K3V / K5V series
Displacement (cm3)
63 - 280
Pressure (MPa)
K3VL series
Displacement (cm3)
28 - 200
Pressure (MPa)


M7V / M7X series
Displacement (cm3)
85 - 160
M3X / M3B series
Displacement (cm3)
195 - 800
M5X series
(for Swing)
Displacement (cm3)
80 - 250
M5X-RG series
(for Swing)
Total Displacement (cm3)
1520 - 6300


Control Valves

Pilot Control Valves

Electric Pilot Control Valves


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