Continuously Variable Speed Technology for Aircraft Generators

The electric power used by an aircraft is generated by engine-driven generators.
In aircraft that use constant-frequency power, a high-performance continuously variable transmission is required to ensure that the generator continues to rotate at 24,000 rpm even if the engine speed changes.
An engine-mounted T-IDG* packages this continuously variable transmission together with a generator in a compact casing.
To overcome challenges such as reducing the weight of aircraft equipment, the T-IDG is equipped with a traction drive mechanism for continuously variable transmission and has been designed by leveraging our advanced mechanism analysis and control technologies.
In response to the growing use of electronic operating systems in aircraft, we are now developing higher capacity generators. We are also working to advance our structural analysis, oil flow analysis and other design technologies in order to further reduce energy loss in the generators.

* T-IDG : Integrated Drive Generator

Overview diagram of T-IDG