Technologies and Research for Rolling Stock: An introduction to the technologies of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group in the rolling stock field.

High-speed Travel

These technologies enable rolling stock to travel faster, more safely, and more quietly.

Providing Lighter and Stronger Car Bodies

These technologies allows us to create a structure for rolling stock that is lighter, stronger, and more visually attractive.

Improving Ride Quality

Our technologies ensure a quiet, vibration-free ride inside the vehicle.

Research and Development

An introduction to the results of research and development done to further increase the value of our products.

Applying the composite material "efWING" to rolling stock bogies

KHI is the world's first company to manufacture a significantly lighter bogie for rolling stock by using carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). During the development process, we established a manufacturing technology for CFRP components in cooperation with an aerospace company that manufactures aircraft fuselages.

Onboard Monitoring System for Bogies and Tracks

KHI develops sensor technologies to facilitate more efficient bogie maintenance and less labor-intensive automated track maintenance.