Technologies and Research for Leisure & General-Purpose Products: An introduction to the technologies of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group in the leisure & general-purpose product field.

Delivering Eco-Friendly Power

Since these technologies mitigate the environmental impact, KHI has succeeded in delivering excellent top-end performance and quick throttle response together with smooth power delivery in the mid to lower range.

Reducing Air Resistance

These technologies allow KHI to design products that combine optimal aerodynamic performance and riding comfort together with refined styles.

Improving Maneuverability

These technologies help our customers enjoy a care-free ride regardless of the conditions.

Purifying Exhaust Emissions

These technologies purify the exhaust emissions of KHI products to meet the stringent emission regulations of the relevant market.

Research and Development

An introduction to the results of research and development done to further increase the value of our products.

Supercharged Engines for Motorcycles

By leveraging its proprietary technologies, Kawasaki has succeeded in creating a supercharged engine that delivers outstanding performance.

Sensibility Evaluation Technologies for an Enchanting Sound

KHI has developed a technology for using a scientific methodology to incorporate verbal descriptions of emotions into the engineering designs for its motorcycles.