Precision Machinery

Technologies and Research for Hydraulic Equipment: An introduction to the technologies of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group in the hydraulic equipment field.

Ensuring Durability

Technologies for ensuring the durability of hydraulic pumps that generate large forces.

Freely Manipulating Hydraulic Fluid

Technologies for freely and smoothly controlling hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors.

Systematizing Hydraulic Components

Technologies for configuring various hydraulic units in a sophisticated manner to construct high-performance hydraulic systems.

Conserving Energy

Technologies for reducing the energy consumption of hydraulic equipment to promote its application in more fields.

Research and Development

An introduction to the results of research and development done to further increase the value of our products.

High Speed Technologies for Hydraulic Motors

We have developed a motor that runs at a significantly higher rpm with greater output than previous motors while featuring excellent performance at low speeds for applications in HST (hydraulic static transmission) drive systems (hydraulic continuously variable transmission systems) for industrial vehicles or hoisting devices for cranes.

High-Efficiency Technologies for Hydraulic Pumps

Our aim is to enhance the efficiency of our hydraulic pumps by utilizing various technologies to understand the conditions of the hydraulic fluid inside hydraulic pumps.