Technologies and Research for Ships and Offshore Structures: An introduction to the technologies of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group in the ships and offshore structures field.

Manufacturing Strong Lightweight Hulls

This technology facilitates the low-cost production of strong lightweight hulls that can withstand both the wave forces and cargo loads exerted on them.

Eco Friendly Navigation Technology

This technology enhances the propulsion efficiency and energy-saving performance by optimizing the hull forms and propulsion systems.

Transporting Cryogenic Liquefied Gases

This technology facilitates the safe transportation of large quantities of cryogenic liquefied natural gases at a temperature of −162°C.

Deep Submarine Diving

Our technology enables rescue and diving operations in the deep sea.

Research and Development

An introduction to the results of research and development done to further increase the value of our products.

Technology for Advanced Ship Operation and Management Support Systems

KHI has developed a Ship Operation and Performance Analysis Support System (SOPass) for identifying the most cost-effective and safest navigation routes by utilizing big data transmitted from the ship and taking into account not only meteorological and hydrographic forecasts but also the characteristics of the individual ship.

Combining Environmentally Friendly Technologies for Marine Engines

KHI has combined various environmentally friendly technologies to meet NOx emission regulations for the main marine diesel engines while reducing their fuel consumption.