Technologies and Research on Energy and Power Generation Facilities: An introduction to the technologies of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group in the energy and power generation facility fields.

Extracting Energy Efficiently

Technologies for efficiently extracting energy from fuel and heat.

Generating Power with a Low Environmental Load

Technologies for reducing harmful gases emitted from power generating engines.

Recovery of Waste Energy

Production of electric power through the recovery of waste energy from the gas generated by a blast furnace in a steelworks.

Promoting Energy Efficiency

Technologies for promoting the efficient use of extracted energy.

Research and Development

An introduction to the results of research and development done to further increase the value of our products.

Technologies for Supporting the Operation and Maintenance of Power Generation Facilities

We are developing technologies for keeping track of the status of facilities via remote monitoring and technologies for supporting optimal operation and maintenance of power generation facilities by utilizing accumulated operation data resources.

Hydrogen Gas Turbine Combustion Technology

We are developing combustion technologies to help make hydrogen the fuel of the future.

Technology That Utilizes 3D to Develop a Boiler for FLNG

We are aiming for innovation of plant designing processes by using 3D data.