Low-Noise Systems

K3PU Series

The high pressure and large capacity pump with ample experience is combined with an electric motor by introducing a unique bellhousing. This development realizes compact pump units. Furthermore the flexible mount of the hydraulic pump alleviates the vibration and system noise.


Press Machines
Metal Plants

K3PU Series are available for use in noise-restricted working environments, such as metal plants.

Realize low noise and simple unit

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  • A high-pressure and large-capacity type axial piston pump is used.
  • A flange mounted type (JIS) electric motor is used.
  • A hydraulic pump and an electric motor are directly assembled to the bellhousing, so it saves you the centering work.

Silent System

The Screw Pump is used as the hydraulic source based on its ample record of proven performance as a low-noise hydraulic pump.


By Kawasaki Silent System which realizes the best class of low noise characteristics in the industries of high pressure hydraulic deck machinery, it contributes to the improvement of living environment for passengers and crews on the vessel such as ferry.

Low pressure pulsation and Low noise

(*The above data are not guaranteed.)
  • Screw pump creates far less pulsation in discharge pressure and less casing vibration, keeping the full and piping vibration/noise low.

Products for Low-Noise Systems


Model Displacement (cm3) Pressure (MPa) Control Type
K3VG series K3VG series 63 - 560 34.3
  • Pressure Compensating
  • Hydraulic Pilot Flow Control
  • Electric Flow Control
K3VL series K3VL series 28 - 200 32
  • Load Sensing
  • Pressure Compensating
  • Torque Limiting
Model Flow (L/min) Pressure (MPa)
Screw Pumps Screw Pumps 2 - 12000 1.0 - 24.5


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