T-4 Intermediate Trainer

T-4 Intermediate Trainer

A trainer with outstanding flying qualities and agility

The T-4 Intermediate Trainer was developed, thanks to the dedication of the Japanese aerospace industry , as the successor to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s T-33 Jet Trainer.

One of the main features of this trainer is its adoption of a transonic airfoil. Its realized outstanding flying qualities and agility at speeds up to transonic range and enabled elementary-level trainees to transition smoothly to advanced-level fighter training courses.

Furthermore, the weight of the aircraft has been reduced by using a carbon composite material for the vertical tail, ailerons, rudders, etc.


Length 13.0m
Wingspan 9.9m
Height 4.6m
Maximum speed Mach0.9
Cruising range 1300km

This trainer is also used by the Blue Impulse aerobatic team, thanks to its excellent maneuverability.