Kawasaki continues to play a significant role in space exploration, with a special focus on experimentation and the development of new technologies for the future.

Kawasaki has long been participating in the H-IIA/H-IIB rocket projects, being responsible for the development of H-IIA’s payload fairings and payload attachment fittings (PAF), and the design and construction of the launch complex. For the H-IIB’s H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV, a space station supply vehicle), we are developing and manufacturing the fairings. With regard to the H3 next-generation launch vehicle we are designing and producing its payload fairings.
We have also participated in a project to develop reusable space transport vehicles, and space robotics projects for the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) on the International Space Station, the HOPE-X experimental orbiting plane, and the docking mechanism for the Engineering Test Satellite VII (ETS-VII). We are also actively involved in manned space technology initiatives, investing resources in developing a stratospheric platform, and in the training of astronauts and related endeavors.