Joint Production (US-2, F-2A/B)

US-2 Search and Rescue Amphibians

US-2 search and rescue amphibian

The US-2 aircraft was developed as a performance upgrade of the US-1A, which is currently operated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. The upgrade consists of a range of technologies, including an improved fuselage design for cabin pressurization, fly-by-wire flight control, new engines, and integrated instrumentation. Kawasaki participated as a key collaborator in the upgrade, developing the forward- and mid-fuselage sections, the vertical stabilizer, the pressurization doors and hatches, and the center wing.

(Photo courtesy of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force)

F-2A/B Fighters

F-2A/B support fighters

The F-2A/B support fighter is a product of a joint Japan-U.S. development effort, modified from the F-16 aircraft of Lockheed Martin Corporation of the United States as the successor to the F-1 support fighter. To meet Japanese operational requirements, a range of technologies has been incorporated, including those for high maneuverability, a composite monocoque primary structure, and an active phased-array radar system.
In this development program, Kawasaki was responsible for developing the mid-fuselage section and the engine access door.

(Photo courtesy of Japan Air Self-Defense Force)