Production Facilities

The state-of-the-art Thchnology and facilities are available to ensure quality products - from parts fabrication to final assembly through various test and inspection.

Overhaul Hangers for Large Aircraft

Multipurpose Hanger for Large Aircraft

1500 t Sheet Stretcher

Robotic Roving Placement System

3-Dimensional Digital Measuring Machine

5-Axes High Speed Skin Miller

5-Axes High Speed Profiler Horizontal type

5-Axes NC Riveter

T-4 Engine Run-up Booth

Major manufacturing process for Boeing 777 in Nagoya Works 1

Panel splices (5-Axis NC autoriveter)
Frame and shear tie fastening (5-Axis NC autoriveter)

Major manufacturing process for Boeing 787 in Nagoya Works 1

Automated Fiber Placement for one piece fuselage
Autoclave curing
Ultra-sonic Non-Destructive Inspection
One Piece Barrel and Frame/Shear Tie Fastening (Panel Riveter)
Assembly Stages
System Installation Stage

Major manufacturing process for Boeing 767 in Nagoya Works 2

Fuselage panel splices
Final assembly stage