Extracting Energy Efficiently

Technologies for efficiently extracting energy from fuel and heat.

Green Gas Engines

A gas engine is an environmentally friendly power generation system that uses clean natural gas.
The gas engine ignites a mixture of air and fuel. To realize highly efficient power generation and superior environmental performance, the extremely lean fuel that is used must be completely combusted.
However, if the fuel is too lean, a misfire will occur and the engine will fail to operate.
KHI delivers world-class generating efficiency and environmental performance by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to produce a combustion chamber with an optimal shape for keeping the concentration distribution of the air-fuel mixture homogeneous.

Green Gas Engine

Example CFD analysis for a gas engine combustion chamber

Absorption Chiller

An absorption chiller uses a heat source such as gas fuel or waste heat to produce a cooling effect using water and an absorption solution.
One of the core components of the absorption chiller is the plate heat exchanger. The exchanger plays a key role in increasing the chiller's efficiency by effectively exchanging the heat energy of the absorption solution that flows through the chiller.
KHI has reduced its cubic capacity by 1/4 compared to earlier models by optimizing the shape of the plate's heat-transfer surface, which has a considerable effect on the characteristics of the heat exchanger.

Appearance of an absorption chiller (triple effect chiller)

Improved performance and more compact plate heat exchanger