Technology That Utilizes 3D to Develop a Boiler for FLNG

We are developing the technology for verifying whether large and complex structures can be assembled and manufactured as intended by the designer in advance using 3D data, so as to manufacture them in a shorter period of time without sacrificing quality.
For example, when we applied this technology to the boiler for Shell's "Prelude" floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG*) facility, we performed advance verification using a 3D human model, so that welders would not have to work in unnatural postures in the field when assembling the heat exchanger by welding pipes that are arranged in a complex manner at high density.
In addition, this technology also makes it possible to verify in virtual space in advance that large components can be easily carried to their installation locations inside the structure.
We are planning to promote further advancements in manufacturing by applying technologies utilizing 3D data in the future, including the development of inspection systems using 3D measuring technology.

* FLNG : Floating LNG

Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) boiler

Advance verification of work using a 3D human model