Harima Works

Harima Works

8, Niijima, Harima-cho, Kako-gun,
Hyogo 675-0180, Japan

Tel. +81-79-435-2131
Fax. +81-79-435-2132


Industrial & Environmental Plants

Steelmaking, cement, petrochemical, coal chemical, fertilizer, synthetic fiber, and sugar plants; thermal power plants; ash handling systems; tower/vessel heat exchangers; flue gas treatment systems; municipal refuse incineration plants; dust collectors, sewage treatment plants; and fuel gas desulferization and denitrification plants; and fuel gas desulferization and denitrification plants; water treatment systems, air-coded heat exchangers, and nuclear machinery


Thermal power generation boilers, industrial boilers, waste heat recovery boilers for combined cycle power generation, recycling boilers, special fuel boilers, various waste heat boilers, and maritime application boilers

Civil Engineering Machinery

Shield machines, tunnel boring machines, vertical excavators, belt conveyors, and bucket wheel excavators

Steel Structures

LNG tanks, LPG tanks, other tanks, high-pressure gas vessels, penstocks, launchers, container cranes, airport related systems, fire drill systems; steel pipe structurs


Side Thruster

Rolling stock

Freight cars, tanker


By Taxi

  • 10 minutes from JR Tsuchiyama Station.
  • 5 minutes from Sanyodentetsu Harima-cho Station.


Harima Works