Performance by Business Segment (FY2021)

Review of Operations (FY2021)

Aerospace Systemspdflink

(Billions of yen)
Net Sales298.2
Operating Income(Loss)▲9.7

Rolling Stockpdflink

(Billions of yen)
Net Sales 126.6
Operating Income(Loss) 3.2

Energy Solution & Marine Engineering pdflink

(Billions of yen)
Net Sales297.3
Operating Income(Loss)1.1

Precision Machinery & Robotpdflink

(Billions of yen)
Net Sales252.6
Operating Income(Loss)16.6

Motorcycle & Enginepdflink

(Billions of yen)
Net Sales447.9
Operating Income(Loss) 37.3


(Billions of yen)
Net Sales78.0
Operating Income(Loss)2.8


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