Sustainable Finance

After having issued its first sustainability bond* in July 2021, Kawasaki has financed with the objectives to contribute to environmental and social sustainability . By making active use of sustainable finance, Kawasaki will accelerate initiatives for sustainability management to realize “Group Vision 2030: Trustworthy Solutions for the Future", strive to strengthen engagement with stakeholders, and make contributions to achieve the SDGs and realize a sustainable society.

* Bonds issued to raise funds specific to projects that contribute to environmental and social sustainability

Sustainable Finance Up to Present

Sustainable Finance Target and KPI

Believing that Sustainable Finance will contribute to the achievement of Group Vision 2030 and SDGs, Kawasaki has set a target on Sustainable Finance. The KPI for the target is the ratio of Sustainable Finance to long-term borrowings, excluding short-term borrowings for short-term needs such as working capital. The target is as follows;
The ratio of Sustainable Finance: 50% by 2030, 100% by 2050


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